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This Is a Chance to Get Great Discounts on Your Magazine Subscriptions

By Ivan Gordon

Who does not love breaking open their favorite magazines and settling down to read it from cover to cover? This is one pleasure that a lot of people have turned into a part of their monthly routine. Rushing to the news stands or waiting for the mailman to drop off their magazines on the doorstep. For those people who have magazine subscriptions, they are sure to never miss an issue of any of their favorite magazines. Who would want to since the articles are usually so interesting right?

These magazine subscriptions are so useful since you get your magazines delivered to you and they also make the perfect gifts. Think about, you can buy your mother a subscription to Your Home & Garden Magazine for her birthday. This of how happy she will be to receive them every month. Or you can also get mag subscriptions for your best girl friend and you can even borrow them once she's done with the magazines. That is like hitting two birds with one stone isn't it?

One way that you can save on subscriptions is to buy magazines online. This is just like your favorite magazine store only you can access it from your computer. There are so many magazines that you can choose from that you can even buy magazine subscriptions as birthday gifts for your friends. But perhaps one of the best things about buying magazines online is that you can get discount magazine subscriptions. That's right; there are several magazines wherein you can get the subscription at a discount.

That makes for a lot of money saved especially if you are giving mag subscriptions as gifts of you subscribe to a lot of magazines every month. You can really save up a lot of money if you hit on one of these amazing deals on the magazines. Sure, it might be fun to buy magazines from an actual store since you can browse through the pages but buying magazines online is just so much more convenient; not to mention that you can find lots of title all in one place which might not be the case in an actual magazine store.

Magshop offers discount magazine subscriptions for a wide variety of titles, including Your Home & Garden, Woman's Day, Little Treasures and Taste magazine.

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The Best iPad Apps - Zinio Digital Magazines and Books App

By Doug Felteau

The Zinio app is one of the best iPad apps available empowering the Apple iPad to become the perfect medium for Zinio digital magazines and books. In 2004, I made a shift to receive my magazine subscriptions digitally instead of through the mail or purchased at a local bookstore using a company called Zinio. Zinio provides digital products and services that enable people to discover published content from around the world using a digital format that is portable among various computer types and mobile devices using the ZINIO UNITY™ platform allowing consumers to seamlessly interact with digital magazine and books features including interactive graphics, animated illustrations, videos and more. For example, in a typical health magazine you only see shots of a person doing an exercise while in a Zinio provided digital magazine you can click on the video to see the full exercise.

The Zinio iPad app encourages consumers to explore and read free articles from some of the top magazines updated daily allowing consumers to investigate new magazines they might never have discovered. If consumers do find an interesting magazine and want to subscribe or even buy a single issue, the Zinio App provides an easy click to purchase interface. Zinio also provides the typical magazine deals so you won't pay full price.

The Apple iPad really brings the digital magazines and books to life using the Zinio app as you read the digital content in full-color in high-fidelity. By turning the iPad either landscape or portrait, you can read either one or two pages at a time. Obviously the one page portrait zooms in on the content and provides an easier read, but if you are just thumbing through the magazine the landscape mode allows you to tackle two pages at a time. Additionally, you can switch to enhanced text mode and resize text for easier readability.

Zinio synchronizes your library among all your Zinio readers including your Zinio iPad app, iPhone app, Mac and PC. While the first version of the Zinio iPad app did not include the ability to synchronize and bring down your old digital magazines and books subscribed to years ago, shortly after Zinio added this ability allowing me to bring in my Home Theater magazines from 2004! While not useful anymore, these magazines are a treasure to look at.

The final reason consumers are switching to digital formats are due to cost savings. I subscribe to a UK-based magazine called T3 through Zinio for $39.99. While I typically do not spend over $15 on magazine subscriptions, I feel T3 is the best gadget magazine on the market. If I were to purchase a yearly discounted subscription for the paper version in the US, I would have paid more than double or $82 a year providing a savings of $42.

Instead of reading your favorite magazines on in their non-interactive paper format, try a sample of the Zinio app on the iPad. You receive the same look and feel but using the Zinio iPad app, you have access to features that traditional print cannot provide including interactivity through videos and links, full-text search, smart zoom, hyperlinked table of contents and even the ability to send an article to your friends through email.

Doug Felteau enjoys blogging about the latest gadgets and anything technology related and maintains a monthly article on Gizmos for Geeks listing the best iPad apps. An avid iPad user since the device was released, Doug has integrated the device and apps into his everyday life.

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